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Recurrence of BPPV after successful treatment

Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified: September 4, 2017

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Recurrent BPPV is very common. The table below lists recurrence rates in a large number of studies. Most of these studies are vague about the time frame, but we have omitted studies that explicitly said more than 2 years.

Recurrence of BPPV within 1-2 years
Percent recurred n Type of BPPV Reference
23 51 PC Benyon et al, 2000
43 116 PC Helminski et al (2005)
21 145 All Tanimoto et al, 2008
26 100 All Dorigueto et al, 2009
27 69 All Perez et al, 2012
14 412 PC Soto-Varela et al (2012)
15.5 400 PC Babac et al, 2014
29.2 475 ALL Picicioti et al, 2016 (comment: duration of followup not given)

The average percentage BPPV recurrence, combining all studies listed above, was 22.35%.





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